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Hi everyone, I'm Payton Rae. I'm 18 years old and I'm from Houston, TX. I also have a condo in Nashville. I'm an up & coming Country singer just trying to make it in this big crazy world called life. I'm also a model for Alyce Paris dresses. This is my blog I hope you enjoy it! <3

Keep you’re head held high because if they realize that they’re not hurting you anymore, they’ll give up.

Bullying is a huge issue in so many states and cities world wide, people take their own life daily thanks to bullying. Others think about taking their lives. Bullying should not exist and the only ones that can stop it are us.

Bullies get their power when they know they’re putting someone else down. They feel good about themselves when they know they can walk up to a girl/boy who’s on the heavy side and look at them and say ‘You’re fat’ you don’t know what that person’s going through.

That girl/boy you called fat could be struggling daily with diabeties. That girl/boy you picked on for being bald could be suffering from cancer. That girl/boy you pushed in the hallway earlier could have a bad childhood.

Bullying is cruel I know but you can do it, and we can stop bullying together it just starts with YOU. Like this page to help get rid of bullying


Make a change, One voice at a time. Make yourself heard. We can do this, and we will fight. <3